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@Limassol, Cyprus, August 2012

About me
大草 孝介 博士(工学)
横浜市立大学データサイエンス学部 准教授
中央大学研究開発機構 機構客員准教授
九州大学応用生理人類学研究センター 学外協力研究員

Kosuke OKUSA, Doctor of Engineering
Associate Professor, School of Data Science, Yokohama City University
Visiting Associate Professor, Research and Development Initiative, Chuo University
Visiting Researcher, Physiological Anthropology Research Center, Kyushu University

#0093とは (Why I'm use '0093')
My family name "Okusa (precise pronunce is 'o o ku sa')" is able to read in japanese number's pronunciation like 'o' is 0, 'ku' is 9 and 'sa' is 3.